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Scholas is an International Organization of Pontifical Right approved and raised by Pope Francis at the Vatican City on August 13th, 2013.
It connects technology with arts and sports in order to promote social integration and the culture of encounter for peace. It is present in 190 countries through its web made up of over 430.000 schools and educational networks in 5 continents. With headquarters in the Vatican City, Argentine, Spain, Paraguay and Mozambique. Its mission is to achieve the integration of communities, with special focus on the poorer ones, by committing all social actors and incorporating schools and educational networks worldwide to technological, sports and artistic proposals. It works with all kinds of schools, both public and private, and of all religious affiliations.
The interaction between arts, sports and technology is Scholas’ proposal to make possible the culture of encounter. Leading figures and organizations worldwide have already responded to Pope Francis’ call through Scholas to work for an integrated and peaceful world.

Pope Frances launches Scholas on August 13th, 2013 from the Vatican City.

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our purpose

CHANGE EDUCATION building together an integrated and peaceful world, making the culture of the meeting an educational experience.

projections today:

Towards this end, we are developing in each continent an experience of encounter, an experience of citizenship, where the values of the culture of encounter are learnt by students between 15 and 17 years old from different religions and educational institutions, applying the Scholas Citizenship methodology.

We are already working with students from Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

in one year’s time:

We want to have an experience of a whole country and a group of students who will act as multiplication agents in each continent. And we also want to reach 600,000 schools and educational networks worldwide.

in 10 year’s time:

We want to be able to disseminate Scholas’ methodology and its proposed culture of encounter for peace throughout all the countries in the world. We want to have 30% of the world’s population participating in this new concept of open-sided education, through the technological, sports and artistic revolution proposed by Scholas.

the way we do it

Scholas proposes to live out the culture of encounter encouraged by Pope Francis for the whole world by means of an educational change. To this end, Scholas has been working on three dimensions: sports, arts and technology and along four lines of action.

Line 1
Dissemination and awareness of the values of the culture of encounter in our current society.

For this, Scholas invites world-renown sportsmen, women and artists to plant the olive tree, which represents encounter and peace in every culture, and to become multiplication agents of these values among children and youth.

When the Pope launches Scholas to the world, he gives Messi and Buffon this olive tree that stands for the values of the culture of encounter and today there are over 640 sportsmen, women and artists around the world disseminating these values.

Line 2
“The Culture of Encounter” educational experience with Scholas’ methodology

For 20 years, Scholas has been developing its own methodology to awaken the interest of young people for changing their close reality through activities that join them together around the same project and inspire in them citizen commitment for the common good. For example: the Scholas Citizenship program and the FutVal program.

Line 3
“The Culture of Encounter” educational experience through other methodologies

Scholas supports and disseminates the good educational practices carried out by many organizations throughout the world that propose the same values of the culture of encounter proposed by Pope Francis. For this, Scholas creates synergy and articulates work throughout a network, which has a reinforcing and multiplier effect. For example, the activities performed by Forever in Las Maras, El Salvador, the parish community of Manjacaze, Mozambique, Africa.

Line 4
Integrating all educational institutions by means of a platform to create a global classroom

Scholas believes that educating on the culture of encounter must turn walls into bridges and that technology is the best tool nowadays. The global classroom concept currently developed by Scholas stands up for each people’s cultural, religious and ethnic identity and believes that true unity comes from diversity. For this reason, the global classroom represents harmony and combines technology with arts and sports. Today, everyone agrees that education that promoted unity as uniformity has failed in the world.


Since it was launched on August 13th, 2013, Scholas has already implemented the following educational programs in different parts of the world.

It is an educational program for the training of middle school students, in their junior and last year, intended to encourage citizen commitment and participation. The students start dealing with those issues of great concern for them and produce changes both in themselves and in their environment. The program works with various schools located in different neighborhoods, private, public, religious, secular and other types of schools. It has been deemed an innovative and highly effective integration experience.


It is aimed at promoting the culture of encounter in children and youth, emphasizing diversity and strengthening the concept of “self-giving” through art. Art is a universal language that allows for intercultural and trans-temporal dialog. Art, as an entertaining possibility, offers an instance for the culture of encounter and may result in a key instrument for social change and development in a peaceful environment. Art, in its various forms, can build up virtues since early childhood. -link:


It is aimed at contributing to the protection of our “Common Home” through education, according to the principles and values described in the Laudato Si´ Encyclical Letter. It seeks to promote an integrating view of education, where sustainability is included as a fundamental aspect, and to encourage citizen involvement in the light of environmental ethics.


It is a non-profit project accelerator launched by Pope Francis from the Vatican City on February 5th, 2015. It is aimed at promoting innovation for an integrated world. Project infrastructure and funding come from and depend on donations from generous sponsors worldwide: Google, Globant, Telecom, Telefónica, Microsoft and IBM, among others. Scholas Labs accelerates and supports projects committed to innovation in the fields of education and technology all over the world.




is a program that serves as a tool to teach values through football. The essence of sport in general and football in particular teaches to interact and work together to prioritize the common good above their own. This experience seeks to harmonize the development of children and youth in contexts of vulnerability and engage with the reality of their communities. This program is addressed to children and adolescents between 7 and 18 years in situations of social vulnerability and socio difficulties. FutVal reach these kids through football schools, neighborhood clubs and other organizations that educate through sports. It does so with the aim of enriching the lives of children, youth and their communities through football, emphasizing the essential values of sport and then transferring them to the community.


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