IDB and Scholas Occurrentes renew their alliance to Combat Youth Violence in Haiti

In a joint effort to reduce the youth violence in Haiti, he Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Scholas Occurrentes They have signed a significant agreement. This agreement aims to implement educational and recreational programs that provide young people haitians tools socio-emotional through the sport, he art and the culture.

A Pioneer Agreement

In a strategic alliance, the IDB and Scholas have decided to work together in the Haitian cities of Prince Port and Cap-Haïtien. The letter of intent was signed by Ilan Goldfajn, president of the IDB, and José María del Corral, president of Scholas Occurrentes. This agreement, supported by the Ministry of Education and Professional Development of Haiti (MENFP), will finance programs aimed at young people at risk.

Youth Programs

The project will include a pilot program of sports in public primary schoolsas well as support in values socio-emotional and social through the art and the culture. Scholas Occurrentes, with its extensive experience in working with youth at risk, will be the main implementer of these activities, taking advantage of its network of more than 446,000 educational institutions in 190 countries.

Challenges in Haiti

Haiti has faced years of institutional fragility and unsafety, which has affected the children's ability to regularly attend school school. As of April 2024, approximately 45% of schools in Port-au-Prince were closed due to insecurity, and another 30% were only partially functioning. This agreement between the IDB and Scholas seeks to mitigate these negative effects by providing safe and constructive activities for young people.

Long Data Collaboration

From 2015, the IDB and Scholas Occurrentes have collaborated on six countries, investing to benefit 5,377 students of public and private schools. This partnership has allowed the expansion of programs such as Scholas Citizenship, Football with Values and Art in countries like Paraguayan, Colombia, Peru, Honduras and Panama.

Impact and Future

The initiative not only focuses on reducing the violence, but also in preparing young people for the future. As part of the initiative of 21st Century Skills from the IDB, a document has been published that shows Scholas' innovative approach to engaging young people and preparing them for labor force of tomorrow.


The partnership between the IDB and Scholas Occurrentes is a significant step in addressing youth violence in Haiti and providing a more promising future for its youth. «The violence in Haiti is a tragic loss of education for many young Haitians. Together with education authorities and Scholas Occurrentes, we will help provide young people with the tools they need to succeed in ways that appeal to them. This effort demonstrates that the IDB remains committed to the future of Haiti and its students."said Ilan Goldfajn, president of the IDB.

José María del Corral, president of Scholas Occurrentes, added: «The renewal of the alliance between the IDB and Scholas is very important. It helps us to continue working in Haiti, to transform the reality of the country. It is crucial that the young people of Scholas in Haiti can continue promoting an education that creates meaning through encounter, using the three languages: of the mind, of the heart and of the hands..

This collaboration is an example of the continued commitment of the IDB and Scholas Occurrentes to the education and the integral development of the youth in Latin America and the Caribbean, highlighting the importance of addressing socio-emotional and safety challenges to build a safer future and prosperous for all.