Scholas Chairs

Connecting cultures, religions and countries through education. We promote the culture of meeting for Peace in universities around the world.

Program Details

Welcome to Cátedras Scholas, an educational program that unites public and private universities in a common objective: to promote the culture of encounter for Peace. As Pope Francis said, 'It is one more step, where the creativity of Scholas comes into contact with another, more classical institution, such as a university. Between institutions there is that creativity that leads the world forward.

Our global network

We cover an extensive and diverse collection of educational institutions
Educational Networks

We invite you to know the full list of universities and institutions associated with Scholas Chairs.

Program objectives

Our program is governed by essential objectives: 

Promote the culture of meeting between generations, cultures and religions
Generate activities of educational responsibility and service to the community.

Disseminate the educational perspective of Pope Francis

Develop inter and transdisciplinarity

University Model Proposed by Scholas Cátedras

The Scholas Chairs propose a university model where teaching is based on the real problems of society. Our approach is focused on the 'University on the way out', connecting the academy with the community and the outside world, transcending the limits of the educational institution.

What university model does Scholas Cátedras propose?

The Scholas Chairs propose an innovative university model where teaching is based on the real problems that affect society, research deepens them and produces knowledge for their solution, becoming concrete actions that transform reality. Scholas is based on life learning: wisdom, surpassing the old encyclopedic knowledge.

In this way, and as Pope Francis proposes, it aspires to achieve a model of an "Outgoing University", which is not enclosed within its own walls and is linked to what happens outside, in the community and in the world. Scholas developed from its origin the concept of "Classroom without walls", a new integrating proposal that transcends the mere sum of educational institutions.

What activities does a Scholas Chair carry out?

Each university contributes from its specialty and experience a way of articulating academic reflection with practice. The problems that arise from listening to children and young people (Scholas Citizenship) become an object/subject of research to delve into the problems, work together - universities, Scholas and other specialized institutions - to develop possible solutions, monitor their implementation and evaluate their impact.

Scholas brings the educational experience developed over twenty years in the five continents listening, creating and celebrating together with adolescents and young people through the culture of sports, art and technology.

Conclusions of the 2022 Congress

Here you can find a summary of the main conclusions of our 2022 Congress. Join us in the reflection and discover how we are shaping the future of education.


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