How to Accompany Young People in Their Decisions? – Seville Citizenship 2024

Young People Express Their Concerns about the Future Ciudadanía Sevilla concluded, and young people expressed their concerns about the future and the need for support in decision-making. For 7 days, 200 students from 19 secondary schools in Seville came together with the aim of addressing and solving the challenges they face […]

We begin Scholas CITIZENSHIP 2024

With renewed enthusiasm and the firm conviction of generating a positive impact, we are excited to announce the beginning of Scholas Ciudadanía 2024. This year, our initiative will begin in Seville on January 31, marking the first step of a journey that will take us to explore the realities and challenges of young people in different cities and countries.

Exclusive Interview: Carlos Rivera, Beyond the Stage

Discover the soul of Carlos Rivera beyond the stage! In an exclusive interview, the artist reveals his deep connection with music, confessing that when he goes on stage he transforms into a true superhero. 'From the first day I got on stage, I felt like Superman,' Rivera shares. In an intimate talk, we immerse ourselves in their world, where the stage becomes their refuge and sacred place. 'I transform into someone different, someone who is not afraid, someone happy,' he confesses. For Rivera, the stage is his favorite place in the world, illuminated by lights and applause.

Gastón Pauls visited the headquarters of Scholas del Barrio 31 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

During the visit, Gastón shared deep reflections on the meaning of life. In his own words: «The meaning, first, is the search. I don't think it makes any sense, but rather it has to do with the search not to get lost, not to ignore oneself, not to wonder, not to answer oneself. With those answers we find, they also generate new questions. And also listening to the meaning of others can help me find my own meaning.

Scholas Occurrentes receives the Human Rights Award

Vatican, December 18, 2023 – Scholas Occurrentes, the organization created by Pope Francis, has received the “Juan Antonio Carrillo Salcedo” Award from the University of Seville for the Protection of Human Rights. The award, which is awarded every two years, recognizes people or institutions that have stood out for their defense of human rights, whether in the political, social or educational sphere. Previously, only Queen Sofía of Spain, Federico Mayor Zaragoza and Marcelino Oreja and Adela Cortina were awarded.

San Pablo opens the doors to the VI World Meeting of Young Scholas – ORT

The VI edition of the World Youth Meeting is approaching.
One hundred young people from 80 cities meet in Brazil, with education at the center of the debate as the most powerful tool for building an interreligious and intercultural dialogue of young people for a culture of peace. Pope Francis will participate in the event.