The VIII Congress of “Scholas Cátedras” in Guadalajara has concluded!

There were three days in which we shared spaces for debate and dialogue about the present and future of the university.

Together with more than 150 participants from various parts of the world, we were able to rethink topics such as mental health, intergenerational encounters, migrations and technological innovation in the university environment.

Together with more than 70 university institutions we met at the Campus of the Universidad Panamericana, Campus Guadalajara 🇲🇽 to re-think current education.


Some of the topics that were discussed were:
- Mental health

– Migrations

- Technological innovation

– University of Sense

– Intergenerational meeting

Network of “Scholas Chairs”

We cover an extensive and diverse network of educational institutions. It is made up of 157 universities, presence in 57 countries and 17 educational networks.


The Scholas Chairs propose an innovative university model where teaching is based on the real problems that affect society, research deepens them and produces knowledge for their solution, becoming concrete actions that transform reality. Scholas is based on life learning: wisdom, surpassing the old encyclopedic knowledge.

We thank those who participated in the conference!