We begin Scholas CITIZENSHIP 2024

We begin Scholas CITIZENSHIP 2024

A new opportunity for young people to raise their voices


With renewed enthusiasm and the firm conviction of generating a positive impact, we are excited to announce the beginning of Scholas Ciudadanía 2024. This year, our initiative will begin in Seville on January 31, marking the first step of a journey that will take us to explore the realities and challenges of young people in different cities and countries. 

Spain, Mexico, Colombia, the United States, Portugal, Ecuador, Argentina, Indonesia and Italy will be just some of the countries that we will visit with this program. This year promises to be full of exciting surprises.



What happened in the Citizenship program in 2023?


Last year, through the CITIZENSHIP program, we had the privilege of tirelessly exploring cities and countries, giving voice to more than 5,000 young people who shared their realities and challenges. From issues such as mental health to lack of safety, suicide and physical and verbal violence and discrimination among young people, their voices inspired us to action and reflection. Each encounter was an enriching source of learning and growth, and these experiences motivate us to redouble our efforts in 2024 to address these concerns with concrete actions.




Scholas Citizenship 2024 invites us to face new challenges. We commit to continuing to build a space where young people's voices are valued and where tangible solutions can emerge. As we begin this new stage, we invite you to join us in Seville on January 31 and closely follow the upcoming editions in different cities around the world.


Haven't you brought Scholas Ciudadanía to your community yet? If you are an institution or government authority interested in bringing the program to your city, write to us at: info@scholasoccurrentes.org