Integral education at Haiti

We transform lives by cultivating social-emotional skills and environmental awareness in children and young people of Port-au-Prince for personal and community growth.

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An educational revolution in Port-au-Prince

Our program revolutionizes education in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, addressing the shortcomings of the educational system and the difficult socio-political context of the country. We use innovative pedagogical methodologies to stimulate the comprehensive development of children and adolescents, in addition to promoting environmental awareness in a nation that seeks a more sustainable future.

Growth staff

Children and adolescents experience significant growth in their self-knowledge and self-worth, promoting a positive attitude towards life. Our program gives them the tools to recognize and enhance their unique abilities, fostering confidence and emotional resilience.



Education quality

We offer essential tools for life. Through innovative educational approaches and the development of social and emotional skills, we equip young people, teachers and social educators with the competencies necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Awareness environmental

We instill ecological values from an early age, sowing the seeds of a sustainable future. Through practical experiences related to the environment, we promote a deep understanding of the importance of caring for our Common Home. This creates responsible and conscious citizens who actively contribute to the protection of our planet.


Fundamental pillars of our educational approach

Specialized training

Our volunteers and teachers are trained in Scholas pedagogy. This ensures that each facilitator is highly trained to create an enriching and effective educational environment for each child and adolescent.

We create spaces for free expression and creativity, where children and young people can fully develop and be heard, fostering a sense of community.

We engage young people at the Laudato Sí International School, inspiring them to come up with green initiatives that contribute to sustainable development by networking with young people from multiple countries and cultures.

Impact generated

The local community as a whole

Local teenagers
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Boys and girls of Port-au-Prince
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school teachers
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Frequent questions

What is the duration of the program?

The program lasts 12 months, providing a full year of support and transformation.

Our program is designed to serve boys, girls and adolescents in the age range of 6 to 17 years. We cover from primary education to secondary education.

Our project aims to impact 250 local adolescents, 250 boys and girls from Port-au-Prince, 50 primary and secondary school teachers, as well as local schools and organizations. We also seek to involve families in this process of educational and environmental transformation.

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