Exclusive Interview: Carlos Rivera, Beyond the Stage

In a privileged meeting with the artist, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in an intimate talk. The interview revealed Rivera's deep connection with the stage, where he not only displays his talent, but also transforms into a true superhero. "From the first day I got on stage, I felt like Superman," he told us.

After a charity dinner in Mexico, where Carlos Rivera gave us a moment of his unique voice to the audience, we asked him "What happens to you when you go on stage?" – The Confession of Carlos Rivera:

"I transform into someone different, someone who is not afraid, someone happy." It is on that stage illuminated by lights and applause that he finds his refuge, his sacred place. "My favorite place in the world is on stage," he commented with emotion.

Finally, Carlos Rivera leaves us with an inspiring message. "I want to invite you to discover Scholas Occurrentes, which through the transformative power of education and the spread of love, thus contribute to the well-being of our communities," said the artist upon joining. With these words, Rivera not only shares his art on stage, but invites us to be an active part of positive change and get Moving.

Thank you Carlos Rivera for your unconditional support of Scholas Occurrentes as an official ambassador!