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Fratelli Tutti Political School

Training for Leadership in the 21st Century: Heart-Mind-Hands

Program Details

The school is aimed at people who are developing – or wish to develop – the capacity for social, economic and/or political impact in their communities and in the world. Together with them, the objective is to co-create a renewed perspective that ventures to propose new paradigms from the social and existential peripheries of the planet.

The deep meaning of our search is to begin a process of reimagining the world that recovers collective hope and allows us to make all things new, inspired by the gaze, gestures and proposals of Pope Francis.

Pedagogical proposal

Global and local

Open and fraternal

Innovative and humanist

Cooperative and trispheric

Co-created and evolutionary

face-to-face module

The program has 5 face-to-face meetings, 3 global meetings with the entire educational community and 2 field experiences to be carried out in groups in different places around the world.

Virtual module

The program has 24 virtual workshops, 12 global workshops with the presence of the 50 leaders that make up the Fratelli class, 12 group workshops according to the assigned field experience and 8 masterclasses / workshops on leadership by the most recognized leaders of the world.

Final project

The design and implementation of Community Impact Projects will be carried out with the aim of immersing themselves in global problems that young people from all over the world have identified. The EPFT works in different local communities to generate a community impact project capable of producing a transformation. concrete.

Global support


Doris Sommer

Director of the Harvard Cultural Agents initiative.

Alex Pentland

Director of the Connection Science and Human Dynamics laboratories at MIT.

MacDella Cooper

Founder of the MacDella Cooper Foundation.

Martine Moise

Haitian politics.

Marshall Ganz

Professor of Leadership at Harvard University.