Explore the Innovate with Sense Program: International Experience in the Vatican, Rome and Israel

Aimed at university students looking for an experience that transcends the classroom, we present the Innovate with Sense Program. In this opportunity, you will be able to explore the Vatican, Rome and Israel while you immerse yourself in a comprehensive training and personal enrichment.
What is the Innovate with Sense Program?

The Innovate with Sense Program is not just an international exchange; is a transformative experience that allows you to:

  • Comprehensive Training: Explore your personal and professional sense, develop leadership and citizenship skills with social commitment.
  • Inter-Religious Dialogues: Open your mind in meaningful conversations that connect different beliefs and cultures.
  • Inspirational Encounters: Meet leaders in culture, science and technology who are making a difference.
  • Cultural Exploration: Discover the historical and cultural heritage of the Vatican, Rome and Israel.
  • Disruptive Innovation: Immerse yourself in global innovation and technology trends.
How to take part?
Visit the page of Innovate with Sense Program for details and registration.
Online Information Meeting: Clarify doubts in our online meeting on August 29.