Fratelli Tutti: Recognized by UNESCO as an Innovative Model in Youth Leadership Development

Within the framework of the World Forum for Peace, a panel was held on educational proposals for him youth leadership development with the participation of Eduard Vallory, Juan Maquieyra, Toto Mars and Scherto Gill.

UNESCO began an investigation to explore different proposals. In this context, Fratelli Tutti has been selected as a distinguished proposal that effectively addresses contemporary challenges.

The FRATELLI TUTTI POLITICAL SCHOOL presents itself as a global community for young people of diverse cultures, origins and beliefs, working hard to reimagine politics. From the peripheries, the school seeks, together with young university students, the creation of new social paradigms.

The UNESCO Futures-Forming Leadership Programme aims to fundamentally support youth in facilitating healing, social transformation and global flourishing.

This recognition highlights the positive impact and relevance of Fratelli Tutti in the training of youth leaders committed to building a ffairer and more equitable future