+800 direct beneficiaries and +14 thousand indirect beneficiaries

Fratelli Tutti Political School: Leadership in the 21st Century

A global community for young people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and beliefs working to reimagine politics.

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A new look for a fairer world

From the peripheries, the school seeks to create new social paradigms together with university students.

Leadership development

Collaboration, creativity and social action

Building resilience and social leadership

Frequent questions

Do I need previous experience in activism or politics?

No, the program is designed for all experience levels.

No, Fratelli Tutti is a completely free school.

Fratelli Tutti provides its equipment and expertise to carry out the programs, and is financed through donations and global support. If you want to support the cause, we invite you to donate here. Learn more about our financing here

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With your help, we can promote intergenerational meeting spaces in more countries around the world, contributing to the fight against social exclusion.