Gastón Pauls visited the headquarters of Scholas del Barrio 31 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Scholas youth movement for education appreciates the visit of Gastón Pauls to the community of Barrio 31 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also, the sincerity and depth of the talks with the girls from the neighborhood and the Football League, the experiences and stories shared. and his commitment as a Scholas ambassador to build and strengthen networks that further help prevent addictions and give a voice to young people.

During the visit, Gastón shared deep reflections on the meaning of life. In his own words: «The meaning, first, is the search. I don't think it makes any sense, but rather it has to do with the search not to get lost, not to ignore oneself, not to wonder, not to answer oneself. With those answers we find, they also generate new questions. And also listening to the meaning of others can help me find my own meaning.

Furthermore, he expressed his admiration for Scholas Occurrentes, describing it as "a dream come true." According to Gastón, Scholas is a shared dream and a tangible manifestation of doors that are opening. He observed the energy in motion and highlighted the importance of continuing to insist on Scholas' educational proposal: "There is something that feeds back, we have to continue proposing that."

We are excited by the possibility of working together with Gastón Pauls and continuing to build bridges through education. Their vision and commitment will undoubtedly enrich our efforts to provide meaningful educational opportunities.

Welcome Gastón to the Youth Movement for Education!