+300 young people participate in this program

Program that educates through sports

Students from all walks of life give rise to their passion for football and discover themselves.

An education that generates meaning

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Scholas in action: LIF National Tournament 2023

October 7, 8 and 9, 2023.

Frequent questions

What is Scholas Occurrentes?

Scholas is an international, non-profit organization of Pontifical Law, created by Pope Francis in 2013. Through various programs it seeks to transform education and promote social inclusion.

No, Scholas invites people of all religions, cultures and social classes to participate in the programs.

Scholas provides its equipment and expertise to carry out the programs, and is financed through donations and global support. If you want to support the cause, we invite you to donate here. Learn more about our financing here.

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With your help, we can promote intergenerational meeting spaces in more countries around the world, contributing to the fight against social exclusion.