International Football League (LIF)

Through our weekly training sessions, Scholas offers a unique space to develop your passion for soccer and grow as an individual. At LIF, we don't just play football, we discover ourselves.


Like an artist who sees a sculpture in a block of marble, at LIF we want each participant to find and polish their own style within soccer. Your technique is your art, and we are here to help you develop it.


Scholas' fundamental question is: 'Who is there?' We believe that the first responsibility of every human being is to know himself. Through soccer, we help you explore and understand who you are.

Duration and Structure

The LIF program lasts 6 months, with sessions of two and a half hours from Monday to Friday. It culminates in an exciting National tournament, where the 8 women's soccer teams and the 8 men's soccer teams from each venue compete, bringing together 300 young people in a great cultural encounter.

Program Locations

We currently have 8 offices in Argentina located in Salta (San Antonio de los Cobres), Córdoba, Santa Fe, Mar del Plata, Villa Fiorito, Barrio 31 and Chaco, as well as an office in Asunción, Paraguay.

Salta - San Antonio de los Cobres

Asuncion, Paraguay


Santa Fe

sea of silver

Villa Fiorito & Barrio 31

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Discover your passion for soccer in an environment of learning, personal growth and meeting other passionate young people.


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