How to Accompany Young People in Their Decisions? – Seville Citizenship 2024

Young People Express Concern about the Future

Seville Citizenship has ended, and young people expressed their concerns about the future and the need for support in decision-making. For 7 days, 200 students from 19 secondary schools in Seville came together with the aim of addressing and solving the challenges they currently face.

Accompaniment to Young People in Decision Making

After a process of dialogue and reflection, the students identified “THE LACK OF SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE IN MAKING DECISIONS ABOUT YOUR FUTURE” as a common concern. This problem was highlighted as a common theme among the participants, who expressed the need to have resources that would allow them to plan their educational and professional trajectories effectively.

Initiatives for Change

To address this problem, the young participants developed a series of initiatives focused on providing support and guidance to their peers. These initiatives included the creation of a mailbox system to receive guidance, the creation of information posters, the organization of talks and meetings with university mentors, among other activities. Through these actions, students sought to foster a more collaborative and participatory educational environment.

Art as a Channel of Expression

Throughout the week, in addition, a group of young people passionate about art, representatives of the different centers, were part of a commission that addressed the problems through the language of painting. In their words: “After choosing our commission, we discovered a sacred place where we could get to know each other, discover ourselves. That's how it was, with strokes we were able to represent our emotions, memories and feelings about the problem, using another language, painting."

Conclusions and Next Steps

It is essential to listen to the needs of young people and work together to address the challenges they face today. It is necessary to provide an educational environment where students feel supported and empowered to plan their future. Together we can make a difference!