Water Pact

We work for a sustainable present.

They collaborate

Education and technology for transform our world

The program addresses environmental challenges through a transformative educational approach supported by innovative technology. The methodology integrates economy, environment and society, to build bridges towards global sustainability.

We generate awareness

We raise deep awareness about current environmental challenges and foster understanding of the importance of sustainable water management and the preservation of our environment.



Access to a Integral education

We offer a complete education that combines theory and practice, allowing you to apply what you learn in real situations.

We connect people and technology

We connect people and technology to find transformative and creative solutions in innovation and sustainability.


Frequent questions

Who are the collaborators in the Water Educational Pact?

The collaborators in the Water Educational Pact are Scholas Occurrentes, YA Maof (an Israeli technological development company linked to water) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The importance of mentioning the integration of economy, environment and society lies in the search for holistic and sustainable solutions to environmental problems.

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