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Protection and care of children

Establishing together the culture of protection and care of children

Heart, head, hands

We join heart, head and hands to proactively address the promotion of a culture of care and the prevention of abuse in Spain and Portugal. Through the implementation of “Listening Schools” in secondary schools we seek to promote a culture of protection and good treatment from childhood.

Prevention active

Promotes a culture of care and prevention of abuse through innovative pedagogical methodologies.



Detection early

It facilitates the early detection of cases of abuse and violence through “Listening Centers”, allowing timely and appropriate interventions.

Training and dissemination

It contributes to child well-being by providing training, manuals and good practices to organizations that work with minors.


Addressing the child protection from a comprehensive approach

Comprehensive participation

Involves schools, organizations and communities in the implementation of preventive and training measures.

It addresses educational (mind), preventive (heart) and response (hands) aspects to promote and nurture a comprehensive culture of child protection.

Establish collaborations with Jesuit entities and the Porticus Foundation to guarantee an effective impact

Frequent questions

What positive impact is expected to be achieved on children through this project?

This project seeks to create an environment where children feel safe, protected and listened to, allowing them to develop in a healthy and happy way, freed from situations of abuse or violence.

This program focuses on implementing comprehensive and participatory measures to ensure the protection of children in their immediate environment, also involving young people in a peer education process.

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Assure a young man a safe childhood.