San Pablo opens the doors to the VI World Meeting of Young Scholas – ORT

One hundred young people from 80 cities meet in Brazil, with education at the center of the debate as the most powerful tool for building an interreligious and intercultural dialogue of young people for a culture of peace. Pope Francis will participate in the event with the young people.

Saint Paul, October 20 – The VI World Youth Meeting organized by the International Educational Movement Scholas Occurrentes and World ORT will have its sixth edition between October 23 and 26 in the State of São Paulo, where they will live an experience of coexistence, dialogue and reflection.

This meeting is the result of the collaboration between ORT and Scholas, two organizations with a common goal: to make the world a better place through education. It seeks to provide a space for young people from all over to develop their potential, regardless of their origin. 

Young people from Argentina, Bulgaria, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, United States, El Salvador, Ecuador, Haiti, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Mozambique, Portugal, Panama, Peru, Paraguay, Venezuela and South Africa will celebrate cultural and religious diversity, sharing activities and experiences that promote the culture of encounter. 

The conceptual axis of the event will be THE MEETING. Find us in the gratuity to recognize our singularities, what makes us who we are, and, in turn, to be able to be with others. Find us in the multiplicity to inhabit and build a common, respectful and diverse world. Find ourselves to transform ourselves and transform with our motion to our own communities.


Pope Francis, bishop of Rome and highest authority of the Catholic Church, will give a message to young people. The Holy Father is a promoter of the protagonism of young people in the world as agents of change. This event, precisely, was held for the first time in 2016 in Vatican City. Later editions were held in Jerusalem (2017), Buenos Aires (2018), Mexico City (2019) and Panama (2022). These countries declared it of educational and cultural interest. 

More than seven years ago, José María del Corral and Dario Werthein, a Latin American businessman with a strong commitment to education, joined forces in pursuit of the expansion of these meetings with the conviction that education is the key to a more just and sustainable world. peace.

Scholas Ocurrentes is an international educational movement created by Pope Francis. It seeks to respond to Pope Francis' call to create the Culture of Encounter. It carries it out through a new education that seeks to bring us back into contact with life through sport, art and technology.