Scholas Citizenship

Designed for high school students (or equivalent for each country), Scholas Citizenship is an educational program that will transform your view of the world.

Young people from different schools, both public and private, religious and secular, come together for 10 days in a classroom without walls to foment the culture of the encounter.


Based on our dynamics, you will identify from your personal experience those social problems that generate pain, and then build joint solutions that will positively impact your community. You will have the opportunity to get closer to the reality that surrounds you and enhance your social, civic and political commitment. You will explore the daily problems of your community from a constructive perspective, you will investigate, develop innovative proposals and work as a team to find real solutions.

The program consists of three stages

Stage 1

Guide training

The Scholas international team trains 20 university students in the Scholas Occurrentes – Citizenship methodology.
Semester dedication.
It includes theoretical learning, reflection and practical experience with young participants.

Stage 2

Immersion week

Between 150 and 500 high school students select the current problems of society and seek feasible solutions.

Step 1

Young people deepen their own "being" and the "meaning" of their lives, through games and art.

Step 2

The young people identify a series of common problems and vote in the assembly for the most representative one.

Step 3

The young people investigate the selected problem and agree on solutions.

Step 4

The young people present what they have worked on during the week in front of local authorities to achieve a commitment to positive change in the community.

stage 3


Teams made up of different young people are formed and together with teachers and tutors they carry out the proposals that they themselves create.
Work in multidisciplinary teams.
Development and execution of proposals.
Consensus of proposals with the community through a local educational micro pact.
Support from the Scholas network of universities.

Scholas Citizenship offers you the opportunity to be part of something bigger.

Be the protagonist of your own change and be part of a generation that does not conform to what is established


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