Scholas Fest

An artistic and educational experience that arises from the Scholas Ciudadanía program, which transforms the vision of young people about the world.

It is a program that recognizes in youth the ability to create and transform your environment in a more beautiful place.

a different festival

SCHOLAS FEST invites the different schools of each city that participated in Citizenships 2022 and 2023, with the aim of promoting new skills and techniques, presenting hidden artistic talents and gifts, offering them a safe space to express themselves and process their emotions from the "Culture of Encounter" promoted by Pope Francis. The artistic experience implies crossing walls, building bridges, going to the peripheries, aspects that are necessary for the emergence of a new sensibility.

Scholas generates this experience of music, meeting and learning for

Discover new talents

Live artistic experiences in a professional context

Recognize and value cultural diversity

Strengthen confidence, identity and a personal artistic style