Towards an Education that generates meaning – International Education Day

Towards an Education that generates meaning – International Education Day

Within the framework of Education Week, Enrique Palmeyro, director of Scholas, invites us to rethink the fundamental purpose of education.

It is time to stop and reflect on the importance of an education that not only fills minds with data, but also creates meaning in the lives of students. Enrique highlights the need for authentic change, “a true shock of transformation is needed,” and urges us to question the very essence of education: “What really is education? What are its essential objectives and how can we reinvent the way it is transmitted?

Meaningful education goes beyond borders and is not limited to the four walls of a classroom. It is not only about preparing young people to face the world's challenges, but also about inspiring them to become active agents of change. 

In this context, art, sport and thought are essential elements on this path. Enrique emphasizes "it is necessary to forge a new education that, starting from the roots of culture, allows young people not only to acquire knowledge, but also to dream, recreate and build a world with a place for everyone with a transcendent meaning."

Scholas, in its commitment, responds to the call of the encounter, bringing together young people in a meaningful educational environment, where they, in relation to others, are the epicenter of transformation.

On this day, let us celebrate not only education itself, but that which brings us back into contact with life.