We launched our “Stanley x Scholas” thermos and mate collection in partnership with Grupo Mendizabal

Together with Stanley, the renowned brand of thermoses and conservation products, we are happy to announce our new collection of thermoses and mates that seeks to allocate the proceeds so that more children live a Scholas experience in Latin America.

the limited edition includes the classic white flask and the innovative Stanley matte, both embossed with the Scholas insignia. The 20% of the proceeds will be used to strengthen the execution of free educational projects for thousands of young people around the world who seek to promote the culture of encounter through meaningful education. As part of the same alliance, Grupo Mendizabal also committed the involvement of edding to equip the venues where the Scholas Citizenship Program is carried out, where more than 5,000 boys and girls attend daily to strengthen their education.

“For us it is not just an alliance, it has to do with our country, it has to do with something that precisely represents Scholas's proposal, which is to be able to make the culture of the meeting a reality. And that culture of encounter for us is clearly a style of education that represents values and sharing mate, for us, it is sharing life, just as the little ones learn to drink mate or tradition from the big ones, you also learn to share those values that lead us to meet and have a utopia together, knowing how to walk together towards the same place of our own diversities”, affirmed José María del Corral, Global President of Scholas Occurrentes.

For his part, Facundo Mendizabal, CEO of the Group, stated: “We are very happy with this new joint project because we are convinced that education is the best tool that societies have to get ahead. We are also summoned by the way that Scholas approaches young people, always through play, art and thought”.

This launch occurs within the framework of our tenth anniversary and the papacy of the Holy Father.