Have you felt satisfied with the ways in which you have been taught? – Madrid Citizenship 2024

Exploring Educational Problems: Identification and Reflection

In the first stage of the Scholas Ciudadanía program in Madrid, more than 100 young people from various public and private schools and different religious faiths came together to address common challenges. Among them, they identified the problem of “OUTDATED TEACHING METHODS THAT DO NOT PREPARE US FOR EVERYDAY LIFE”.


Generating Creative Solutions: Innovative Proposals for the Education of the Future

During the "immersion week", the participants immersed themselves in group work dynamics to delve deeper into the problems identified. Three outstanding proposals emerged:


  • Creation of Practical and Dynamic Workshops: The young people proposed organizing dynamic workshops in collaboration with the teachers, with the aim of improving the relationship between both and looking for alternatives to traditional teaching.


  • Inclusion of New Educational Content: The implementation of new content in existing subjects was proposed, addressing aspects such as administrative and economic management, studies, mental health and political vision, in order to better prepare students for adult life.


  • The Metamorphosis of Teaching: A change in the teaching method in classrooms was proposed, promoting meetings between teachers and students to address current problems and seek solutions together.

Art as Expression and Transformation: Addressing Problems Through Painting

A group of young people passionate about art participated in the painting and mural commission. For four days, they explored the problem identified through the language of painting. They used art as a tool to express emotions, memories, and desires related to education. Through strokes and colors, they created works that convey the need for transformation in the educational system.


Conclusion: Strengthening Youth Participation for a Better Future

Scholas Ciudadanía in Madrid has been a space where young people have demonstrated their ability to identify challenges and propose creative and meaningful solutions. It is essential to continue listening to and supporting young people on their path towards a more promising and equitable future.