Fostering Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development

Program Details

The THYME project, an international collaboration between Scholas, Eitd Srl, Lebanese Development Network (LDN), Caritas Lebanon (CARITAS), and Jordan Youth Innovation Forum Society (JYIF), focuses on awakening youth as global citizens. By facilitating learning about sustainability at the local level, THYME enables young people to explore how they can influence their community and, in turn, the world.

Project Objectives

Our mission is to empower young people to become agents of change in their own communities and around the world.
Develop greater awareness in young people as citizens, both locally and internationally.
Promote a proactive attitude among young people facing the challenges of the future.
Inspire young people to investigate and find concrete and sustainable solutions to the challenges of their local community.
Increase the intercultural and global competences of young people.

Project Partners

THYME is proud to partner with leading organizations around the world. Our partners include