Uniting Voices in New York: The Impact of the Communities in Motion Program

Through the “Communities in Motion” program in New York, it brought together 193 students coming from 22 schools of various communities, cultures and beliefs

This program began as a transformative forum where social challenges and encourages constructive dialogue among the participants.

Transformative Participation

From March 13 to 15, young people came together with a common goal: to face the challenges that affect their communities. This commitment demonstrates your willingness to work together towards tangible solutions.

Shared Concerns

After exchanging opinions and expressing their pains, participants agreed on the need to urgently address the "MENTAL HEALTH" and the "EDUCATION SYSTEM". These common concerns highlight the urgency of implementing meaningful changes in our communities.

Visit to authorities and experts

During the development of the program, the young people had the opportunity to visit different authorities and experts on the topics that concerned them most. These visits allowed them to conduct interviews and obtain information, which helped them formulate hypotheses and strategies for address the problems identified in their communities.

By interacting with local authorities and experts in areas such as mental health and education, participants expanded their understanding about the challenges their communities face. These experiences inspired them to consider new insights and approaches to address these problems effectively.


Crucial Conversations and Closing Event

Distinguished guests joined the planting of the olive, a symbol of peace and unit. Felipe Paullier Olivera, UN Secretary-General for Youth Affairs; Sergio Bergman, from the Argentine Jewish Congregation; Imam Beytullah Colak, representing the Respect Movement; and BriAna Pechin, Deputy Superintendent of Catholic Schools, contributed to enriching the dialogue and fostering new ideas. These prominent personalities were not only present at the event, but also played a vital role in enriching the dialogue and fostering new ideas among the participants. of the program.


The “Communities in Motion” program in New York has been a transformative experience that has inspired participants to work together for a positive change. From actively engaging students to identifying key issues, this program has demonstrated the power of collaboration and the dialogue intercommunity.