“Life Between Worlds”: First Feature of Aldeas Scholas Film that Celebrates Diversity with Pope Francis and Scholas Occurrentes

"Life between Worlds", the first cinematographic work of Aldeas Scholas Films, marks a milestone in the collaboration between Scholas Occurrentes and Pope Francis, highlighting the importance of diversity and the inclusion.

The Ongoing Commitment of Scholas Occurrentes
The film reflects Scholas Occurrentes' long-standing commitment to inclusive education and the social transformation, bringing Pope Francis' message to global audiences through film and culture.

A Song to Humanity
Life Between Worlds is much more than a film, it is a hymn to humanity that brings together the paths of its protagonists, who encompass all the generations and a deep diversity of realities and beliefs. Inspired by the teachings of Pope Francis, this cinematographic work invites us to look our own face in the face. chaos, to go out to meet life and give a deep meaning to our existence, all of this transmitted with a sound and visual poetics that reminds us of our responsibility in the world.

A Transformative Meeting in Portugal
Pope Francis left his mark on World Youth Day in Portugal by participating in the final touch in the creation of a monumental mural of more than 4 km that culminates in the Sistine Chapel of youth, reflecting the diversity and unity in community.

“Life Between Worlds” represents a significant moment in the collaboration between Scholas Occurrentes, Pope Francis and the film industry. Through its emotional narrative and the special participation of Pope Francis, the film highlights the importance of diversity, inclusion and hope in building a more just and fraternal world. This work is expected to travel through film festivals and distribution platforms, carrying its message of unit and transformation to audiences around the world.